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Creative Northland has an ongoing commitment to making sure that the arts sector in Northland is dynamic, thriving, influential and productive.

Turned and Burned – Justin Murfitt Exhibition at Reyburn House Gallery

Justin Murfitt has worked with wood since 1998 and has a strong interest in traditional woodworking and sculpture and likes to combine elements of both.  He tries to display the beauty of wood,  to be original and use the minimum material necessary.

Justin has also created purely sculptural work in other material at times.   He was co-designer of the Whangarei Sails; and the Seagull seats installed in the Whangarei Town Basin Sculptural Park.

Justin’s exhibition ‘turned and burned’ includes  beautiful and utilitarian wood pieces and runs from Tuesday 24 July 2017 – Sunday 13 August 2017 at Reyburn House Gallery.