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Creative Northland has an ongoing commitment to making sure that the arts sector in Northland is dynamic, thriving, influential and productive.

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10 hours ago

Creative Northland

Showing in Whangarei this March at ONEONESIX is 'A Bard's Tale'

A Bard's Tale, the greatest plays #Shakespeare never wrote. For two nights only, six improvisers from the Covert #Theatre take to the stage, pay homage to good Queen Bess and then before your very eyes, improvise a play in the style of Shakespeare.

A Bard’s Tale is a show like no other and one you don't want to miss. This seriously talented cast of #improvisers creates the magical world of a Shakespearean play on the spot so it is different every night.

Historians say that a lot of Shakespeare was improvised and the style of today’s improv comedy performance with its audience interaction is a lot closer to the original Shakespeare #performance than many modern-day interpretations.
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11 hours ago

Creative Northland

How stunning are these night-time shots by JsnapsNZ of the #StreetPrintsManaia murals and more?!?Photo collection inspired by the #streetprintsmanaia event, I decided to capture as many local artworks as I could by night - enjoy!

Big thanks to the organisers and artists, your hard work is much appreciated by Whangarei :)

Artists include (but not limited to):

Please tag the artists if you know them!

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14 hours ago

Creative Northland

Last chance to catch Andrea at Whangarei Art Museum today!

#Andrealand #Exhibition #LocalArtists #NorthlandArts

Andrea Hopkins
Last chance with me in the room. I’m off down to the whenua tomorrow and ANDREALAND comes down this Sunday. 3 months gone by in seemingly no time.
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