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Creative Northland has an ongoing commitment to making sure that the arts sector in Northland is dynamic, thriving, influential and productive.

ArtBeat is Whangarei’s biggest FREE Interactive Arts Festival open to the whole community in Northland. For 2019 ArtBeat will be held on Saturday 2 February 10am-4pm, once again in the beautiful Cafler Park in Whangarei. Where else can you bring your children and let them loose to experiment with all mediums of art all for FREE!?!?  Join the community for this annual event that has attracted over 8,000 people each year – we hope to see you there!

There will be 7 different ‘Zones’ at this year’s event as shown below (sponsors to come and potential renaming of zones):

Zone 1 – Food Zone
Zone 2 – Entertainment Hub
Zone 3 – Interactive Zone
Zone 4 – Neverland (previously known as Fairy Grotto)
Zone 5 – Arts & Crafts Zone
Zone 6 – Community Zone
Zone 7 – Youth Zone

Watch this space for the stage line-up, entertainment schedule and to see who will be joining us as stall holders this year.

If you would like to have a stall at the event please complete an Expression of Interest form.

This year registrations will be done in a different style with stall holders required to complete an ‘Expression of Interest Form’ online which will then be evaluated by the Creative Northland team who will select the ‘best fit’ stalls and allocate sites. This means that by completing the form you are not automatically a stall holder at the event. Stallholders will be informed of the success of their application by the 25th of November at the latest and sent all important information including payment details, site allocation and H&S requirements

The types of stalls are as follows:
Community Group $30.00 – promotion only, nothing for sale
Artwork Sales $65.00 – locally made arts and crafts in Northland
Commercial Food Stall $100.00 – you must charge for your food, no free food is allowed as this is unfair to the other food vendors.
We are looking to have a couple of food/drink vendors down by the Arts & Crafts Zone. These vendors will probably have no access to power so will need to be self-sufficient. If you would like to be considered for this area rather than the main Food Zone please put this in your EOI form.

Creative Northland is also looking for awesome volunteers to help out with ‘Neverland’ (recently renamed from Fairy Grotto) and general event-assisting – this is a great opportunity to get some experience on your CV. For inquiries please contact Briar Fabian or Lenny Murupaenga at events@creativenorthland.com or 09 430 0710.

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