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Creative Northland – Connecting Northland’s Art Sector

Whangarei Arts & Culture Strategy

In March-May 2018 Creative Northland undertook a public consultation to Develop a 10 year Whangarei Arts and Culture Strategy. This is to help Whangarei District Council understand the priorities of the Whangarei Arts & Culture community. This has resulted in a 30 page Draft Strategy and a 9-page Summary Document.
On the 11th of September, the draft strategy was presented to the WDC Funding Committee. It was then presented again on the 27th September to a full Council meeting. One recommendation was that before Elected Members adopt the strategy that a workshop takes place. Councillors would discuss and debate the draft, enabling any necessary changes so that the final strategy is truly owned by Council.
With that in mind, Creative Northland needs to do the same with you the community who have provided us with the content to create this 10-year strategy. We want to know, does the data we have gathered articulate well enough the needs, aspirations and resources required to grow Whangarei’s creative economy?
To achieve this, a survey has been created to collect data which will be analysed and shared with Council to refine the final strategy document.

Please read through the Strategy documents and then complete the SURVEY to give your feedback.

  Arts & Culture Strategy Summary                                                                WAC Strategy (Draft) 2018-2028

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