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Brigid Sinclair


Brigid Sinclair
Ph: 021 02254422
Email: achoiredtastechoirs@gmail.com

Medium: Choir teacher

A Choired Taste Community Choirs is directed by Brigid Sinclair, a sociologist who is intensely passionate about the worth of getting people singing together. She has sung all her life, including with various bands in London. She is a member of the international Natural Voice Practitioners Network.

Her aim is to show people that they CAN sing and how absolutely wonderful it is because singing extends breath, releases tensions, gives people back their voice, creates new pathways in the brain, builds deeply connected community and aids health mentally and physically in a variety of ways. She teaches by ear, deliberately, because it develops hearing/ pitching/ toning/the ability to improvise  and seats the sound firmly in the body not externally with a sheet of paper. World, gospel, folk, trad, taize, sung in multiple harmonies. Western music can be highly restrictive in what it aims for musically. Brigid aims for an inclusive sound and is predominantly focussed on the process and experience of singing together with one ‘sharing of song’ at the end of the  year.

Her Choir converts are generally effusive and astounded by the beautiful sounds they make and the incredible feeling of well being that ensues. Singing is unbelievably good for us in so very many ways.

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