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Clapham’s National Clock Museum


Ph: 64 9 438 3993
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.claphamsclocks.com

Claphams National Clock Museum is named after the founder of the collection, Archibald (Archie) Clapham, a marine engineer, sportsman and passionate clock collector from Yorkshire, England. His collection of 400 clocks and music boxes, some extremely rare and most in working order, form the basis of Claphams National Clock Museum today.  These mechanical wonders became permanently enshrined in local history when, in 1961, Archie sold them to the local Council for a nominal sum, effectively gifting this amazing collection to the community he had adopted.

Today the collection stands at over 1600 timepieces, both watches and clocks, and is one of the largest and most historically significant in the Southern Hemisphere. The oldest clock in the collection dates from c 1690 and, while the majority of the clocks in the collection are mechanical, there are also some fine examples of quartz clocks from the mid-20th century.

The collection is housed in a purpose-built museum alongside the visiting yachts at Whangarei’s Town Basin. Guided tours are offered at no extra charge.

Open daily 9am-5pm. Closed Christmas day

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