Northlands Creative Future Fund – Registration Form


Northlands Creative Future Fund is based upon the Arts Foundation Boosted campaign – giving all artists of Aotearoa a leg-up. Life is pretty grim for a lot of people right now. #NCFF is a way to contribute in a meaningful way not only to an individual artist, but also to the future of our arts and creativity industries. And in that sense, it’s a gift to all Northlanders.

In the madness of COVID-19, one thing is clear: there is a growing recognition of the value of the arts on our collective wellbeing and the future of Northland. We’ve felt it from both our givers, and artists who want to give back. That’s why we initiated Iso-Creation in April, to create a space where artists could keep connecting with their audiences, now we want to remunerate you for your work.
Please provide a brief explanation of your project covering:
- What it is you are planning?
- What medium you are working in: Painting, Sculpture, Dance etc.
- Material costs...
- How much you are applying for and a breakdown of these material costs.

The Accountability Stuff:

We need you to provide us with images and a brief report on your project upon completion.

The Community Stuff:

This fund is about how we can give back to the wonderful world of art and creativity!
Part of this is what is in it for the community of which you are a part of.

Here is where we would like you to provide a way of presenting back to your local community what you have done or achieved - how you do this is up to you, it can be displayed or shared etc.

The Fun Stuff:

We need you to help us help the creative sector by linking Creative Northland (#CreateNorthland) on all of your social media, a kind of pay it forward to those who have kindly provided the putea/funds for artists and creatives to move on their projects.
Also, share your creation with the rest of the region to benefit the whole of Te tai Tokerau and to boost our morale during this time.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Upload any pictures or supporting documents.

**Terms & Conditions

- If for any reason your project cannot go ahead as planned, we will need you to return the money back to the fund so that it can be redistributed.
- We will be likely to use your images or any content you have provided for future promotion and marketing opportunities relevant to the NCFF.
- The Proposal is open until all funds have been allocated to a project.
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