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Creative Northland – Connecting Northland’s Art Sector

Creative Northland Projects & Events

Creative Northland manages as well as supports a range of events and projects in the Northland region.

Creative Northland Events
Creative Northland currently has 3 key events that run either annually or biennially:

ArtBeat (Annual)
Whangarei Sculpture Symposium (Biennial)
Northland Youth Summit Arts Festival (Annual)

Creative Northland also hosts multiple smaller events throughout the year including workshops and networking events.

Creative Northland Projects
Northland Art Guide – A free publication designed by the Creative Northland Team mapping the galleries, museums and historical sites around Northland. Next guide out December 2019.

Creative Northland Supported Events & Projects:
Creative Northland is proud to support a number of events across Te Tai Tokerau each year, building capacity and capability in the region. Watch this space for the list of projects we are currently supporting and what we have supported in the past.

Welcome to Creative Northland!

Creative Northland has an ongoing commitment to making sure that the arts sector in Northland is dynamic, thriving, influential and productive.